AZ AF Story

Felicia and Nate created AZ AF in 2017 as an answer to a calling for more clothing that playfully represents and honors local culture.

Based in Northern Arizona, Felicia & Nate have only a few rules:
• Create only items they themselves wear.
• Represent Arizona through designs depicting the past & present.
• Have fun.
• Drink water.
• Keep moving forward.

AZ AF tees are printed with love by Felicia & Nate in the basement of their retail store, Bueno Marketplace & Printshop, along with their kids. They create each item with their own hands, often use water based inks and specialty inks, and maintain green processes. Because of this, no two items are identical or machine perfect. Felicia, an Arizona native is the "From Here", and Nate, the "Come Here", have a passion for humor and latin culture. Dry heat and dry humor dominate. Political messages are subject to your interpretation. 

Felicia and Nate are Arizona AF